DIY: Penguin nails!

Well, the easter holidays are here, so what a great time to ditch the uniform and grab the polish bottle! Today I am going to show you how to do Penguin nails!

You will need:
A base colour (Whatever colour you want your penguins to be
Black nail polish
Orange or yellow nail polish
Top coat

1. Paint your nail with two thin coats of your chosen base colour.
2. After it has dried, paint a stripe of white down the centre. Make sure that the stripe is not to wide.
3. At the top of the white stripe, paint two black dots for eyes.
4. Under the eyes, paint a sideways yelow oval. Don’t make it two big.
5. At the bottem of the white stripe paint two yellow dots side by side.
^. Wait until your design is COMPLETELY dry and paint a coat of top coat on the top.

CUTEPOLISH gave me this idea.

Here is her video:

Sparkles and glitter,

DIY: How to make a bath bomb!


Today I am going to show you how to make a bath bomb. Credit goes to an awesome youtuber named TiffyQuake! She is amazing and I definitely recommend you check her out on youtube. I take no credit for this amazing recipe.

Easter is neraly hear and this is a great gift for a friend who doesn’t like chocolate. This is also just a great and easy DIY for yourself.


You will need:

1 cup Baking soda
1/2 cup Corn starch
1/2 Citric acid
1/2 cup Sea salt
2 tsp Light oil (Like jojoba oil)
Moulds (Silicone is way easier to use)
Edible cake decorations (Sprinkles, eatable glitter, etc.) or dried flowers
2 tsp Essential oils (Make sure they are body safe!)


1. In a large bowl add the baking soda, corn starch, and the salt. Stir well, making sure to get rid of clumps.

2. In a separate bowl, add the oil, a 3/4 tsp of water, and the essential oil. You can add as much as you like.

3. Mix together the wet and dry ingredients. Make sure you get rid of clumps because a huge clump of corn starch in a bath bomb is NOT very nice!

4. If you want to, now you can add some coulour. Put a few drops of food coulouring (DO NOT put too much in, it will stain your bath!) in and stir. You could also add some dried flowers or even a little bit of glitter!

5.Now add the citrich acid. Stir.

6. Now the fun part! Take your moulds and add any decorations you like in the mould.

7. Get your mixture and pack it in TIGHT! I emphasise this because the tighter you pack it in, the better it will hold together.

8. Let them sit for 24 hours.

9. Remove them! Turn the hould over and push them out gently. There you have it! Your very own homeade bath bomb!

This is super fizzy and cool!

Once again, I take no credit for this recipe. I will post the video for you below :D.

Sprinkles and glitter,

Zoe :D


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